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The following videos are of various topics for your edification.

John Crowder
Ecstasy of God



Open up the Old Wells
by Pastor Wise

Kenneth Hagin

Victoria Osteen
speaks Blasphemous Message
Doug Pagitt Denies Hell part 1 Doug Pagitt Denies Hell part 2 Sermon
Leonard Ravenhill
Peter Popoff's
Most Insane Moments
Sermon that Angered Many
Paul Washer
The Gift Nobody Wants
Paul Washer
Prophet Manasseh with Benny Hinn Jesus Died
Paul Washer
Have You Considered
My Servant Job
Religion that send you to Hell
Paul Washer
10 Indictments against the Modern Church
Paul Washer
Leonard Ravenhill
A Call for Discernment
part 1

Ravenhill & Various Preachers
A Call for Discernment
part 2
Ravenhill & Various Preachers
A Call for Discernment
part 3
Ravenhill & Various Preachers
All to Jesus
Tozer, Ravenhill, others
Churches are Using Carnal Means
to Attract Visitors
- Paul Washer
False Prosperity Gospel
Paul Washer
Faulty Fire- Faulty Worship
Jimmy Swaggart
Go Hide Thyself
Leonard Ravenhill
Have You Examined Your Life Today
Leonard Ravenhill
He Drank Your Hell
Paul Washer
How Much Do You Know God
Paul Washer
Origins & Errors
Joel Osteen
WOTM Presents a
Contrast Between
Joel Osteen & Paul
Washer Presentation of
the Gospel
Joyce Meyer Exposed Judgment Seat of Christ
Leonard Ravenhill
Fear Not
Carter Conlon
The Lost Gospel
Carter Conlon
Fear of God part 1
Fear of God part 2 Fear of God part 3 Powerful Staggering Interview
Leonard Ravenhill
RUN for Your Life
Carter Conlon
after Sept, 11, 2001 disaster
Something is Missing
Leonard Ravenhill
The Judgment of God
Paul Washer
Paul Washer
Thoughts on that Judgment Day
Leonard Ravenhill
Time to Wake Up Church
Ravenhill & others
We have Forgotten that
the Way is Narrow

Paul Washer
You Call This the Gospel?
Wretched TV

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