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 The following video clips are some of the nonsense being taught in the churches today and clips showing the moral decay of the world around us.  Check back as more videos will be added as we go along and they come available.

Victoria Osteen tells Blasphemous tale to Congregation


Temple of the God Makers


James Goll
Satan at Work in this Man for Sure!

Pastor John Crowder smoking Pot as a Joke..

The  False Revival (Comparison)

John Crowder (Ecstasy of God)

Moral Decay as Transvestites hold a Beauty Contest.

Holy Ghost or Men Gone Mad?

Beware of False Teachings

Doug Pagitt Denies there is a Hell

Part 2

Jesus to Personally Appear/Visit at Lakeland Florida?
"At first, it appears to be suggesting that Christ will come in body ("one to one"). Then, as if to cover his bases, Todd 'clarifies' the word by saying that Christ will not come in body, but in Spirit. But if the latter is the case, why is the prophetic word being read in the first place? Isn't Mr. Bentley claiming that the Spirit of God has been there for months now??"

Todd Bentley Drunk in the Spirit?